Friday, February 27, 2009


Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the blogging community. I started this blog earlier this year, but was not sure my voice wanted to be heard. I mean I am a novice at best in regards to being a single mom, so what sage advice and pieces of wisdom can I really offer to others who may be more seasoned than I.
Then this morning I had a thought. I was sipping my morning coffee/cappuccino combination, (I like to call it my morning Coffuccino), and I realize that its not about wanting to have my voice heard but more about needing a place to share, vent and write about what its like daily to be a single mom.
So for this first blog post, (revised new first blog post), I am just going to tell you a litte bit about this Coffucino drinking single mom.

I grew up in Sunny California and moved all the way to Canada, 3500 miles away from my family, for the one I loved. Just picked up, moved and gave in to the belief that happily ever after actually exsisted and that I had found it. WOW the ideals of a seventeen year old. Twelve years, four children and one divorce later I find myself back where I started at. Talk about your major setbacks!
In September, a mere 49 days away, I will be 30 and I have backstepped twelve years. Or so it seems to me.

I love to write, its almost something I have to do and not something I just want to do. As a writer, reading is part of that love. In fact my love of writing began with my love of reading as a child. I also love to scrapbook, photography, gardening and cooking. Learning new things is a part of life and I am eager to learn all I can.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a single mom to four amazing children, who no matter how much I love each of them, stress me out from time to time. My oldest is Kira aka bug, aka Kirabou, who is 11, Help me I am heading to the teen years! Alexander, aka Alex, aka Mister Man is 10. Stephani, aka Steffy, aka Pookie is 8. Matthew, aka Little Man, aka Buddha is 2. There is nothing I would not do for these children of mine. Except perhaps letting them run around dressed like Brittany Spears.

Well as I finish up my coffee for now I will end here for now.

Until next time....(which may be later today)