Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another Day Ending Above Grass = A Good Day

Another day ends with me standing above the grass. A doctor I worked for once told me this was a good thing...I tend to agree.
I heard a song on the Radio today and I thought it was pretty good advice wise. A guy was complaining to his friend about the "crap" going on in his life, and the other friend says, "sounds like life to me". This is true. Life is about the little things and the big things that happen in life.

Today was a pretty productive day and a somewhat relaxing day. My mom took care of the kids for awhile and cleaned the house while I went out to hand out resumes and visit my grandma at the hospital. We had a good visit, and then I came home and we watched Hotel for Dogs, with the kids. Tomorrow is another somewhat busy day. Shopping with my cousin. So I am off for the night.

Until next time...

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