Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Morning...

I am getting a late start this morning. Have you ever tried to sleep in with a two year old demanding cereal? Not easy. Then I had to clear the toys and socks off my chair so that I could actually sit down to the computer. Whew, I am already tired!
Looking through the list of things I need to get done, well ok had I made a list it would be quite long. Laundry, cleaning, groceries, and getting the kids ready to go back to school. All quite fun items.
Thank God for coffee! So I woke this morning with this strong urge to shake my ex-husband and ask what could possibly be going through his mind? No one ever said divorce was going to be least not on my end. I try every day to remind myself not to be bitter and not get angry all over again, but it is hard. I mean why do the men get off easy? At least in my situation he does. He has no responsibilites, well the kids aside. He gets to sit on his bum all day and play on the computer, while the girlfriend takes care of his every need.
Do I want someone to pay my way through life? Heck no! I mean really, doesn't that give that person way to much control over your life? Hello? Why give someone that?
I want this blog to be fun, but lets face it, being a single mom is not really a bunch of laughs and giggles, but I am going to try. Occasionally there will be some venting, but we all need that. As single parents we do not have a partner to vent to and so this is my way of making sure, that it does not get taken out on my children...who are the last people to deserve it.
Due to my late start this morning, I need to get jog in today but hey its been to hot for that lately anyway. I am sure thought that I can find many excuses not to have to go jogging in the morning, like the blankets fell to the floor and I have to wash them jogging. O well I have to run...well not literally but run just the same.

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