Monday, October 19, 2009

Good Morning Readers

Its a beautiful gloomy rainy morning here. Better than the snowy days in Canada haha. I have decided that every Monday morning I need to remind myself to count my blessings. Its really hard to see them throughout everyday life stuff. Especially when things seem to be going totally wrong. I do however have many blessings in my life, I just need to remind myself of that.

Blessings for today:

  1. My 4 beautiful children, who bring me many joys (and of course some not so joyous occasions like when Little Man last night decided to spread lotion all over the suede couch)
  2. My mother. There is nothing like your momma when things go wrong and you need a shoulder to "cry" on.
  3. My children and I have a roof over our heads and no one is lacking for anything they need! (Except maybe my sanity and perhaps a day off)
  4. My job, thought not my dream job its a paycheck and will help me pay the bills while I work towards starting my own business.
  5. Last for the day, but definitely not last, God. The one I can tell anything to and he will forgove me no matter what I do.

Those are the blessings for this Monday morning. Some will probably be repeated often, however, that is because they are really important. Or maybe I will just keep the original list and just add to it every week! :) Well I am off to go enjoy this rainy day by removing the hill (was a mountain yesterday) of laundry that is left to do.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Until next time....

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