Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yesterday@! UGH!

Yesterday was one of those days where you wish it would just end already! It started off pretty good, I drank my coffee, read a couple of articles, looked at some ideas for my home business and got a blog in even...I do believe I did anyway lol.

After all that I got ready and dang it, my hair would not do anything so I finally sighed and shoved it all in a messy type bun. Then I went to the bank and that went ok except for the huge massive line that took ages in the drive through. At the grocery store I got stuff for dinner and went to see my grandma and came home. After I got here I realized yup I forgot the toothbrush and some other neccessary items.
While cleaning the house I broke one of my favorite mugs, my 11 year old dropped Little Man when giving him a piggy back ride (He is ok thank God!) The piggy back ride, mind you, that I told her not to do.
So then to top off my glorious day (did I mention I actually burned the rice a roni?) I drove to town to bring my little brother some Taco Bell and what do I do? Well at Walgreens where I went to get the toothebrush, I locked my baby in the car! Seriously! I put my purse and the keys in the front seat and proceeded to put Little Man in his carseat. Shut the door and discovered it was locked! OH MY! Thank God for AAA! They are so worth the money and since there was a baby locked in the car they made it a top priority and I only waited like 10 minutes for them to get there!

WHew! I have never been so glad to see a day end! Keeping my fingers crossed that today goes much much better!

Hope all is well with everyone!

Until next time....

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