Saturday, October 3, 2009

Children ramblings!

While I think up a title for this post I will just write it, and perhaps the title will come. I swear as I go around cleaning the house, the little people I call children are sneaking around behind me messing everything up. I am sure they have it choreographed to a T! haha. One looks on to tell the others when they are about to be spotted and the rest create chaos and wreak havoc on the clean surfaces of my home! ARGH! Our significant others and friends as well as the family we have, all wonder why we go gray early... it's easy....our children!!! Nothing ages you or grays you, like the pitter patter of little feet dumping legos, spreading out barbie clothes or putting handprints on my crystal clear clean windows!

Have you ever stepped on one of those little legos that are for 8 years and older? OWIE! Well as much as that hurts try stepping on the mega blocks! Whoo talk about pain! haha! Its amazing! With all the child proofing and making toys kids safe and friendly did no one stop to think hey maybe we need to make them mom step on friendly? I mean what little kid actually goes around cleaning up their toys when they are done? Not many for sure, which means that out little people's feets are not gonna be standing on them, ours are!

Well its off to bed for me and my sore feet!

Until next time...

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