Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh My! I have seriously lost it....

Perhaps I never had it to begin with! However one little mistake turned into a HUGE mess. Of course I could have left well enough alone, probably should have. SO what happened? Well I apparently sent a request to my ex's girlfriend asking to follow her twitter.....UGH! The last thing I wanted to do. Lord knows I have no interest in their life.

So what turned out to be an innocent, and it was innocent, curious reply from her asking why I would want to, I turned into the psycho ex, letting everything I have held back for the past two years out. Having taken psychology I know that holding things in, is bad. One of the reasons I started this blog. I mean I let everything out. Which of course as we all know never makes us feel better, if anything it makes us feel worse.

I am just tired. Really, truly and utterly tired. I am tired of all the bullshit I never thought would come if my ex and I got divorced, then again, I truly never thought we would get divorced. As mad as I am, I am not really mad at her. Sure she should have left a married man alone and backed off.....instead of telling me to back off my own husband, but the truth is, he should have been man enough to do the same. To be man enough to come to me and tell me he was having issues and we needed to work them out. Instead I got all the blame for everything that ever went wrong in our marriage including him losing his job and never bothering to find another one.

Ugh. Perhaps in the future I will learn to just keep quiet LOL!

OO and I did update the blog page with a new background. I hope you enjoy it!

Until next time....


  1. ok usually I just read these and don't comment but seriously, you know you won't learn to keep quiet. it's just not you! love you :)

  2. No but I did manage to set any future emails from either of them to automatically get deleted! :) So I can go back to my-ex-and-his-toy stress free exsistance lol

  3. oh, yes. the things we do on a whim and wish to all holy that we could go back in time. i once tried to create an online account for my husbands at the time fling's cell phone!! they sent the conf code to her phone! i felt so stupid. and then i thought, what's the point?
    oh, and i love the background.